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Virginians are seriously impaired when it comes to giving “strangers” directions. I find them to be very friendly and kind but if they invite you to visit be prepared for a verbal map that is indecipherable unless your great, great, great grandmother was born here. It sounds funny but you need that much genealogical history to decipher their guidance. You see, no one tells you the highway numbers. And if they did, they may not be marked anyway. Instead, you get names like “Turkey Sag” and “Hen and Bacon.” Just the other day, a friend said to me, “you can’t miss it. When you come

purple flower

This flower makes me think of fireworks. I love how they hurl up towards the sky and pause for a moment before exploding in a spectacular display of color. If the show is good, they go off several at a time, in rapid fire, lighting up the sky. In truth, I love any kind of fireworks but my favorite of all time are the ones at KaBoom in San Francisco. The city has tons of outdoor concerts throughout the year, but KaBoom ends with a 30 minute fireworks show synchronized to music broadcast on the KFOG radio station. We’d haul our blankets and coolers downtown


I took this picture at Lavender Hill Farms in Boyne City, MI. Leave it to me to go to a lavender farm after the lavender has been picked! My friend Amanda was up north with her husband and newly adopted son. Initially we were hoping for a picnic lunch on the boat but it was too cold so we opted for lunch in town instead and a trip to Lavender Hill Farms. Amanda is an Indianapolis based photographer and I really like her work. She’s especially good at capturing spontaneous moments. You can see her work here: Anyway, this is their first time up


Red geraniums are amongst my most favorite flowers. To me they just scream “summer!” We have these enormous pots of them on the patio at our cottage on Walloon Lake. My grandmother planted them. Now my mother plants them and one day I will carry on this tradition. It is customary to fix some sort of cocktail when you first arrive because it will have been a long trip. You will need to relax. Share the details of your journey. Hear how everyone’s winter has been. Unless you’re the first one up. But either way, barring rain, you’ll have a seat on the patio amidst

abstract green leaf detail

My father died in a room this color. It was my guest room actually. He’d been sick for a short while and I’d spent the last 4 months hanging out with him, driving him around, just sitting with him in silence. Enjoying his presence. It was the sweetest time of my life so far. We were on our way to his home in Louisiana from Michigan but Dad wanted to make a pit stop in Florida. He wanted to see my brother and his children. I knew it would be the last time. He said he was tired and thought he’d like to stay for

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If you can’t stop smiling, you’ve probably seen one of these. It’s hard to be in a bad mood when you’ve gazed upon this cheerful of a flower. You will walk around spreading joy wherever you go. It’s contagious, smiling. I read a book a while back called “Invisible Acts of Power” by Caroline Myss. (ALL of her books are wonderful: In it, she describes the power of a simple smile. Let’s say you’re at the grocery store. You smile at another shopper. They receive your smile and flash one back at you. They feel good because someone made an effort to smile at

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If this were a 3 year old boy he would be asking for something he knows he can’t have. My 2nd godson is an adorable little blond kid with blue eyes, a mischievous disposition and a dimple that I cannot resist. I don’t have any children of my own so I take great pleasure in my role as fairy godmother to my best friend’s 2 boys. We don’t live anywhere near each other so when I visit I try to stay at least a week so that we can really know each other. The other day, the little one walks in the kitchen and asks